Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October each year and its celebration dates back to 500 B.C as part of the ancient religion of the Celtic tribes. Present day celebrations see this as an opportunity to dress up as a mythical creature, film or book character or historical figure. Ghouls and ghosts came out to scare on Halloween, and yet again, Talksure kept in line with celebrating this day of Trick or Treating.

There are two types of people in this world when it comes to Halloween costumes: those who are indecisive and those who procrastinate. But many of those that participated in dressing up this past Halloween did a fantastic job and looked like they had no issue in deciding what look to carry. Zombies, vampires, witches, and a few interesting takes on dark creatures- all roamed the halls of the business.

We ran a competition and cast around for overall for the best dressed sales department, and the best dressed support department. Dark, devious and daunting was the Talkee Academy which won the award for best dressed sales department. Winning the best dressed support department category was the variety of terrifying mythical creatures in the QA and Client Services department. Both departments went out their way to dress up for the event and decorated their respective departments in ways the creatures of the dark would be proud of.